Monday, August 25, 2008

About Us

FloridaLiveRock specializes in Aquaculture, Live Rock, Gulf Sand, Gorgonians, Coral, Sponges, Snails, and Crabs. Since 1988, Gulfview has been a live rock harvester and established a solid reputation for the quality to which they are committed. We strive for quality... not quantity.

FloridaLiveRock is one of the few aquaculturalists permitted by the government to harvest rock specifically grown for the marine aquarium in the Gulf of Mexico. After deploying the first amount of rock in march of 1993. The abundance of marine life that has grown in that time which include things like the jewel box clams, turkey wing clams. There has been tube corals through out the harvested rock. Plenty of varieties of truncates all colors and shapes, feather dusters, along with encrusting bryozoans. Which add the colors of red, orange, green and purple to the rock with most rock being covered with coraline algae of pinks and purples.

Bahama Honeycomb Rock was chosen for its make up of irregular size and shapes along with the mineral makeup and its composition. This rock is typical of the iron shore rock found along the shorelines of the islands. It was formed on a carbonate bank in shallow waters. Which making it mostly calcium carbonate, then being exposed to aerial erosion has caused some solution and recementation of the rock.

Each piece was hand inspected for the perfect shape and size cracks and crevasses by Dr Bizzell in 1992. Before they were shipped from the Bahamas.

Truck being unloaded awaiting transport.

40,000 lbs ready to be shipped

Of all the seed rock submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection for inspection in the use of aquaculture, it was determined that this rock was of the highest grade.